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... custom Cardano addresses and counting.

An NFT-powered naming solution for your Cardano wallet address, secured entirely on-chain via the Handle Standard.

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How it Works

Simple & Flexible NFT's on Cardano.

Each Handle is a unique NFT, minted and issued on the Cardano blockchain. These NFTs act as unique identifiers for the UTXO that they reside in.

With a predictable standard, dApp developers can query the Cardano blockchain at any time to determine the current residing address of a Handle.

Secured Entirely on Cardano Layer 1

Unlike many other routing services on Ethereum, Handles are secured entirely as native assets on the Cardano blockchain, on the Layer 1 ledger.

This means we don't require smart contracts for address routing, ensuring that even in the event of an unlikely smart contract bug, routing will always be accurate — 100% of the time.

Now that's reliable.

A Standard for Upgrades

The Handle Standard supports version upgrading and backwards compatability. Once a version change happens, Partners are notified of the new version's Policy ID.

Lookups happen from most recent Policy ID to the first, incentivizing upgrades among users to ensure faster retrieval results.

This allows the Handle Standard to evolve with the broader Cardano ecosystem.

Handle Augmentation
& A Composable Future

ADA Handle has an in-depth roadmap for the future including a future DAO for governance, and community-voted on Handle Augmentation support.

Aside from the countless use-cases for standardized naming (such as an integrated mobile wallet experience similar to Cash App), Handle Augmentation will allow users to opt-in to additional metadata added to their unique Handle, providing an extendable pattern for Partners to build upon.